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I write about comics, pop culture, and the arts for a wide range of audiences, from general interest to academic scholarship and everything in between. Much of my work focuses on intersections of race and gender and the dynamics of marginalisation, whether that's in Star Wars, Shakespeare, or Judge Dredd. My writing has been published by various outlets including The Independent, Shelfdust, the official 2000 AD website, the Eisner-Award-winning Women Write About Comics, the (also) Eisner-Award-winning anthology Critical Chips, Bitch Media, Nerdist, and Mindless Ones. Academic essays I've written appear in the anthologies Working-Class Comic Book Heroes (University Press of Mississippi) and Judge, Jury and Executioner: Essays on the Punisher in Print and on Screen (McFarland & Co).

I also have a creative writing background, and have had poetry published in Room MagazineInk Sweat & TearsGists and Piths, and Lighthouse Literary Journal, among others. These days I'm the Communications and Editorial Manager for the Scottish BPOC Writers Network, and currently lead their Asian Writers Group (the first all-Scotland group dedicated to creating an Asian writing community!). You can read more about my work with them here.


Another History, Another Erasure: The Other History of the DC Universe #3: Shelfdust

Takes One to Kill One: Punisher MAX's War on Hegemonic Masculinity: in Judge, Jury and Executioner: Essays on the Punisher in Print and on Screen

Third World War: The Time of Tribulation: 2000 AD

'You Can Be Whatever the Hell You Want': Heroism and the Female Working Class in Preacher: in Working-Class Comic Book Heroes: Class Conflict and Populist Politics in Comics  

Quoted in The Secret Identity of Marvel Comics' Editor, by Asher Elbein for the Atlantic

How Aquaman Reflects the Experiences of Viewers of Colour: Nerdist

Netflix's The Punisher Failed to Say Something New About Violence: Nerdist

How Star Wars Is Finally Fixing Its Asian Erasure: Nerdist 

Marvel is wrong about diversity killing its comics: Nerdist

This article led to The Independent commissioning me to write about this topic:

Marvel, you're in denial if you think the decline of your comics is because of 'diversity'The Independent 

Even with 'inclusive' Shakespeare, whiteness takes priority: Media Diversified

This article led to the Royal Shakespeare Company getting in touch with me to offer interviews with their cast members of colour, from which came this two-part interview series:

Sustaining yourself as an actor of colour: interview with the RSC's Clarence Smith and Human language, human emotions: interview with the RSC's Natalie Simpson: Media Diversified

Hollywood's upcoming films prove it loves Asian culture - as long as it comes without Asians: Media Diversified

The value of diversity: Could you do your job without getting paid?: Media Diversified (co-authored with Henna Zamurd-Butt)

'Educated into our freedom': What We Talk About When We Talk About Charlie Hebdo: Women Write About Comics

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