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Editing and Consulting

I offer a wide range of editing and consulting services for individuals and organisations, including:


  • Inclusivity consulting and review

  • Commissioning

  • Sensitivity reading

  • Manuscript/draft review

  • In-depth editing

  • Proofreading

I can work closely with you to help you get your writing, initiatives, operating procedures, or anything else up to the standards you want them to reach! Contact me to chat or find out more.



Currently I'm the Communications and Editorial Manager for the Scottish BPOC Writers Network (SBWN), where I oversee our open calls for guest blog pitches and the selection/commissioning process for guest writers, as well as editing guest blog posts. I also commissioned writers for and singlehandedly guest edited the June 2022 issue of Books From Scotland, which featured writers from our network writing on the theme of 'Sanctuary'. Additionally, I assist in reaching out to emerging and established writers for publication and live appearance opportunities, and in building and maintaining partnerships with other organisations such as the Edwin Morgan Trust, the National Theatre of Scotland, and Publishing Scotland.

Previously I was the Arts and Culture Editor for Media Diversified, where I assisted in evaluating pitches, commissioning writers, and editing pieces for publication. I also edited organisational documents such as funding proposals and info packets for advertisers and partners, and wrote press releases for initiatives including Bare Lit, a literary festival showcasing writers of colour, and The Trashies, a satirical 'awards' ceremony that called attention to damaging and bigoted discourse around issues affecting people of colour in mainstream media.  

Recent portfolio


I Am The Law: How Judge Dredd Predicted Our Future, Michael Molcher (manuscript review)


Edwin Morgan Trust: Vision, Mission, Values statement (consulting)


Books From Scotland: June 2022 issue (commissioning and solo guest editing)


Guest blog post for Scottish BPOC Writers Network: 'Tongues on Rock: Home-making in Parallel Languages', Tim Tim Cheng


Guest blog post for Scottish BPOC Writers Network: 'Celebrating Ourselves: The First East and Southeast Asian Heritage Month', Maisie Chan


Sample blog posts from Media Diversified: 'White Skin, Black Masks: On the Decolonial Desire of Vasco Araujo', Efua Bea; 'Book list for black girls II: reflections of identity, by authors of colour', Christina Fonthes​

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